Julius Drake Brockman Biography

Julius Drake Brockman – Biography

Jules is a member of Blackham Country Players and very first time on stage was at primary school including Mole in Wind in the Willows and Pinocchio.  He says “my acting style has never progressed from that rather wooden performance” however anyone who has seen him perform would I am sure disagree. 

Since joining BCP over 20 years ago Jules has been in numerous productions including Irish chimney sweep Flaherty in Brush with a Body to comic Italian hit-man Romero in The Hitman to murderous drug dealer Roat in Wait until Dark.  Also in the Penshurst pantomimes he is known for his superb performances as Leather-hosen clad policeman Herr von Direction in The Great Panto Robbery, Dick Whittington’s eloquent cat and more recently as and grumpy King Barry of Klottenberg in the 2019 performance of Rumpelstiltskin.

All in all there is not much he hasn’t attempted on stage!

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