Club’s Constitution

Constitution of Blackham Country Players


scroll Blackham Country Players (BCP) shall operate as a not-for-profit society, but shall maintain an appropriate balance of funds to secure its future operations.

BCP exists to foster amateur dramatic productions by its membership, and to offer a broad range of other social activities.

BCP shall strive to promote ethos of inclusiveness rather than elitism, with the objective of offering full participation across the range of members,

BCP shall make such charitable donations as the committee may decide from time to time within the framework of authority approved by Members in General or Special meeting.


Member – An individual of any age who has applied for membership, paid the subscription, and been confirmed as a member by the designated committee officer. If the committee agrees that members of a family resident at the same address may be admitted to membership at a special group membership rate – individuals within such group who are under 21 shall be deemed Junior members.

Associate Member – An individual who is a member of another society with whom BCP has agreed associate status.

Junior Member – An individual who has applied for membership, has been agreed exempt from subscription by virtue of age, and had such status confirmed by the designated committee officer.

Application for Membership

All categories must provide their name (for each individual in case of family membership), address, landline number, e-mail address (if available), and either

– payment of the annual subscription or

– confirmation of current paid up membership in the associated society


Subscriptions will be set from time to time by the committee under the authority of the AGM and will be payable in full for any new member. Any existing member shall have a grace period until 5thJuly in each year for the payment of their subscriptions.


Guests – In exceptional circumstances and where there is no-one in any category of membership who is willing and able to take such role after all members have been given 2 weeks notice of its availability – then a guest may be agreed by the committee to be entitled to act in a production.


A committee shall be appointed at each AGM comprising (subject to members standing) Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, together with such other specified roles as may be agreed from time to time. Members may be co-opted onto the committee by unanimous agreement of existing committee members. Committee members may be appointed or co-opted without a specific role.

Expenditures authorised by the committee must be compatible with the objectives stated above. Funds may be used to subsidise social activities, however the extent of such subsidy during any one year shall not exceed 5% of the opening funds of BCP in that year – or in exceptional circumstances and requiring ratification at the subsequent AGM before any future subsidy is agreed – 10%

Accounts & Banking

Accounts shall be prepared each year to the 5th April and presented for approval at the AGM

BCP shall maintain one or more banking or equivalent accounts, and arrange for 3 or more committee members to be registered as signatories. For transfers between accounts which are both in the name of BCP only one signature shall be required, but all other transactions shall require two signatures.


Annual General Meeting

An AGM shall be held between 6th April and 5th June each year

Special Meetings

A Special Meeting of all the membership shall be called if the Chairman received notice requesting such a meeting from 75% of eligible members.


Unless the notice period is waived by a minimum of 50% of members eligible to attend the meeting, a minimum of 2 weeks notice of any meeting shall be required , to be issued by the secretary or the chairman for the time being (such notices or waivers being in writing or by e mail)


5 members or if less, 75% of those eligible to participate shall constitute a quorum for any meeting.


In the event of a vote being called, a simple majority shall be accepted for all resolutions except those which have the effect of amending this constitution, which shall require a majority of 75% of members present.

Cessation of Activities

If BCP votes to cease activities then no member in any category shall be entitled to participate in any surplus funds arising. All such funds, after the committee has ensured the satisfaction of any actual or prospective liability, shall be disbursed to registered charities previously supported by BCP, as agreed by, and in such proportions as approved, by the Committee.

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