Duets 2011

Blackham Country Players


Penshurst Amateur Dramatic Society



by Peter Quilter

Penshurst Village Hall

Friday 10th & Saturday 11th June

Blackham Village Hall

Friday 17th & Saturday 18th June

Duet 1

Blind Date

Jonathan and Wendy have both been on the dating circuit for many years and the idea of a prior drink date is because Jonathan feels that, when going out for dinner on a first date, dessert is often a problem if they are not suited. This date is about getting to know each other without having to sit through dinner. Have they got it right this time?…

Cast in order of appearance

Jonathan Stuart Floyd

Wendy Ivy Andrews

Duet 2

The Holiday

‘The Holiday’ is set in an apartment in Spain with loud party music outside the apartment.

Bobby and Shelley have just divorced and this holiday was booked before the divorce. They decide to take the holiday as it was paid for…

Cast in order of appearance

Bobby Guy Harman

Shelley Aurea Ellis

Duet 3

The bride to be

The last duet is set in a neighbour’s apartment moments before Angela’s third marriage. Her older brother, Toby, is desperately trying to be interested and to calm her pre-wedding nerves. Will she make it up the aisle?

Cast in order of appearance 

Toby Richard Cserjen

Angela Sarah Bartholomew





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