Play Safe – November 11th & 12th Penshurst Village Hall & November 17th & 18th Blackham Village Hall


At Last!

Last weekend was opening night at Penshurst Village Hall, and despite the usual pressures leading up to the curtains opening to a paying audience, things overall went very well, despite the best efforts of a wheelchair refusing to open on demand!!

Onward to Blackham ……..

***  Play Safe  ***

By Paul A J Rudelhoff & Jane Hilliard

17th & 18th November – Blackham Village Hall

Here’s a synopsis:

Ex game show host Lance and his wife ‘Matron’ run “Fairlawn”, a small rest home for retired showbiz entertainers. The eccentric residents are still trying to re-live their days of fame on the small screen have their patience severely tested with the arrival of the “Bentley Kids”, two teenage mini crooks sent to the rest home to serve out their Community Service.  It is soon apparent that “The Kids” have an ulterior motive for being at the home.   They are looking for something and they are not the only ones!   Who will find it first?

Chaos and mayhem run riot in a world of ex entertainers and small time crooks 


You Are Never To Old To “Play Safe”

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