Spring 2017 Sketches

Musical Accompaniment by Robert Rees

Thanks to Deborah Lawson and Karen Viney for photos


Transport of Delight by Flanders and Swann, 1957

Colin Parsons and Jules Drake-Brockman

Squash by The Two Ronnies, 1987

Brent Muir & Richard Lake

Two Heads are Better Than One by Rob Rees

Rob Rees & Caroline Stead

The Helpful Barman from “A bit of Fry and Laurie”, 1980s

Zak Nicolls & Elise Verney at Penshurst with Caroline Stead at Blackham

Always Look on the Bright side of Life from “The Life of Brian”, 1979

Zak Nicolls 

Marvo the Magnificent Mind

John O’Shea & Matthew Granville

How Santa Got His Job from Kinne TV, Australia

Mike Donovan & Angela Quigley


Battle of Hastings Monologue by Marriot Edgar with a couple of adaptions by Alan

Alan Williams

Trainsong by Robert Rees

Caroline Stead (with help from Colin Parsons)

The Facts of Life by Mark Niel

Tony & Aurea Ellis



The Shoe Shop from “The Victoria Wood Show As Seen on TV”

Kate Lake, Lulu Muir & Karen Viney

Lately by Rob Rees

Caroline Stead

You’re Nuts My Lord from “The Two Ronnies”, 1987

Mike Donovan, Jules Drake Brockman & Angela Quigley

Song of Patriotic Prejudice by Flanders and Swann

Jules Drake Brockman & Colin Parsons

The Perfect Couple by Jonathan Edgington

Tony & Aurea Ellis

It Really Won’t Do by Rob Rees

Rob Rees

The Cinema Sketch found on You Tube, originally performed by Apollo High School, California, 2001

Left to Right Elise, Tony, Colin, Sarita, Matthew, Linda, Zak

At The Gates of Valhalla by TLC Creative

Richard Lake, Kate Lake, Jules Drake Brockman, Lulu & Brent Muir


The Hippopotamus Song by Flanders and Swan

Led by Jules Drake Brockman & Colin Parsons


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